What are the advantages of colored braces? How to Attach?

Colored braces were developed because classical metal braces disturb people aesthetically. It can be defined as the brackets and wires used in metal braces transformed into colored brackets and wires. Since it looks more sympathetic and more aesthetic than metal braces, it is one of the treatment methods used by young people and people with aesthetic concerns.

Close-up teeth braces and tooth brush as an example of toothbrushing.

Those who want to benefit from braces to treat gaps and crooked teeth in their teeth prefer other braces because metal braces cause aesthetic problems. However, they can choose the color of metal braces in various colors. With colored braces, you will not face any negative aesthetic situations, and in this way, you can get your teeth into the alignment you want.

The orthodontic treatment you will receive with colored braces will take one to two years to complete, like other types of braces treatment. It is placed in the mouth using the same methods as metal braces treatment, and the same steps can be applied for its maintenance.

Colored Braces Types

You can benefit from braces treatments while consulting dentists to treat various problems in your teeth. With today’s technology, you can have braces in almost all colors, thanks to the braces colors. The most preferred among these colors are yellow, grey, green, blue, purple, pink, and fuchsia.

Best Braces Colors - 5 Most Popular Braces Colors
Best Braces Colors – 5 Most Popular Braces Colors

You can use colored braces as braces or braces or choose both in color. You can also make your braces more vibrant and attractive by choosing different colors for each bracket. If you want to color the brackets you desire in a single color later, you can also use colored tires.

Those who use colored braces do not need any application or maintenance, unlike other braces. However, if you are going to color the braces with elastics of various colors, and this color will be black, it may appear as if something is between the braces and your teeth. Illusions such as teeth appearing yellow may also occur in people using white tires. That’s why black and white tires are not preferred.

Advantages of Colored Braces Treatment

Colored braces have several advantages over metal braces and various orthodontic treatments. The benefits of colored braces can be summarized as follows.

  • Individuals who want to benefit from orthodontic treatments but are concerned about aesthetics prefer transparent aligner treatment. However, clear plaque treatment is quite costly. For this reason, colored braces do not cause you any aesthetic problems and are made at very affordable prices compared to transparent aligners.
  • The use of metal braces on children may be the subject of ridicule and ridicule by their friends, and in this case, it may cause psychological distress in your children. However, colored braces will not cause any problems as they are more sympathetic than metal braces.
  • The aches and pains experienced during the orthodontic treatment period until you get used to it are also present in this treatment. However, it is less than one might think.

How to Wear Colored Braces?

Colored braces treatment is attached to the teeth through the same stages as metal braces treatment. Colored brackets replace the metal brackets used in metal braces, and colored wires are used instead of metal wires. The locations of installing metal braces can be listed as follows.

  1. Dentists first examine you to detect problems in your mouth and teeth.
  2. Later, if they detect problems such as decay and inflammation in your mouth and teeth, they treat these conditions first.
  3. After minor problems are eliminated, measurements of your mouth and teeth are taken, and braces and brackets are prepared according to these measurements.
  4. Just before colored braces are placed on the teeth, the stones and tartar are cleaned. Gum disorders are reduced to a minimum.
  5. Finally, colored braces prepared according to special measurements are mounted on your teeth using special adhesives.
What is a Lingual Braces (Invisible Braces) - 2
What is a Lingual Braces (Invisible Braces) – 2

What are the Prices of Colored Braces?

Prices for colored braces are generally the same as those for metal braces. Just as there are factors that affect the prices of all orthodontic treatments, there are also factors that affect the prices of colored braces. Colored Braces prices may vary depending on the following factors.

  • Which brand to choose for colored braces?
  • The quality of the props to be used
  • Which dentist or private dental clinic you received service from?
  • Materials to be used according to your mouth and teeth measurements
  • Total treatment time

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