Top 7 Food Suggestions for Those with Braces

Have you started, or are you thinking of starting orthodontic treatment? So be aware that your braces will bring many changes in your life. For example, when you look in the mirror, you will look more beautiful and improve the relationship between your teeth and your chewing like never before. Additionally, as you progress through orthodontic treatment, your crooked teeth will gradually regain their ideal positions. Moreover, your mouth, teeth and jaw structure will exhibit a more natural and healthy chewing pattern.

Although you will discover what you can eat more comfortably regarding nutrition in a short period, approximately one month, we recommend that you be more careful when consuming certain foods during your orthodontic treatment. We want to remind you that you may change some of your eating habits and impose restrictions on some foods.

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You can more easily overcome the difficulties you may encounter while eating with your braces and throughout the treatment; “What can I eat during orthodontic treatment?” “What should I not eat with braces?” We share this article with you so that you can find answers to the questions you frequently ask, such as.

Let’s start with the “Most Delicious Orthodontic-Friendly Food List”, which consists of the “7 most beneficial foods” suggestions for those undergoing braces treatment. ­čĹç­čĆ╗

Food Recommendations for Those Wearing Braces

Patience is an important part of this process. We will update your eating habits so that you can complete the orthodontic treatment process as quickly and successfully as possible. Considering the points mentioned below, you can go through the nutrition process with braces almost without problems.

Eating Habits:

It’s time to say goodbye to big bites while you have braces on your teeth. Choose small bites instead of mouthfuls. Use your fork and knife, not your teeth, to cut or tear food.

Sticky and Hard Foods:

Sticky foods start sticking to your teeth when you first consume them. Therefore, stay away from sticky foods!


Hard-shelled foods and nuts are, of course, beneficial for your health. However, if you consume them during the treatment period, they can get between your brackets and tighten or compress your teeth.

Ice creams:

An ice cream can provide instant relief from the pain caused by the tension in the teeth after the new braces are installed or after a routine check-up.

Top 7 Food Suggestions for Those with Braces

Here are our 7 favourite food suggestions that we think are safe for your braces;

1 – Yogurt:

It is a food rich in calcium and protein. Consuming plain yoghurt without added sugar during treatment would be an excellent choice to strengthen your teeth and improve your body health.

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2 – Potato Dishes:

Are you still looking for a satisfying and soft meal during orthodontic treatment with braces? Then boiled potatoes might be just what you’re looking for. In addition to being easy to eat, potatoes contain plenty of vitamin A, It is very important for teeth and gum health.

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3 – Pisces:

During orthodontic treatment, we strongly recommend consuming fish meat, which is both easy to chew and rich in content, for the health of your teeth and gums. A study conducted by Harvard scientists found that gum diseases are less common in individuals who consume plenty of fish, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

4 – Boiled Vegetable Dishes:

As much as we want you to avoid biting into raw vegetables and fruits after braces, we also recommend you boil or bake them. Because when you chew hard foods, Your brackets may become dislodged. Additionally, the food you bite can get stuck between your braces and hurt you.

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5 – Egg:

Eggs are a completely natural, perfect food that can form a complete living being without any external contribution. The egg perfectly meets everything a living thing needs for its growth and development, from its beginning to its birth. Eggs, the highest protein source, are also very rich in phosphorus.

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6 – Smoothie:

With an endless variety of vegetable, fruit and drink combinations, you can prepare dozens of types of smoothies that you can consume without ever getting bored. Smoothies, a paradise of vitamins and minerals, can relieve your aching teeth by reducing the tension of your braces when finished cold.

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7 – Soups and Liquid Meals:

We recommend consuming soups that are easy to eat and have many health benefits. Since it is easy to eat with soup, you can easily consume similar liquid dishes.

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Generally, the first few weeks after getting braces can be challenging. However, your gums and mouth structure will quickly adjust once you modernise and change your chewing habits. Over time, you will see that you can easily follow your new diet style.

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